Verenvalaja HDR (24 bit master)

by Vainaja



Vinyl LP is the preferred format to enjoy music of Vainaja in our opinion. But in the case if you do not have a record player, or just in the case if you prefer to have maximum dynamics in digital music, we present here 24 bit High Dynamic Range (DR14) master of "Verenvalaja" album by Mr. Dan Swanö. Enjoy with maximum volume!

Purchase of the album also includes free pdf "The Book of Wilhelm"(32 pages).

”Verenvalaja” translates into Blood Caster – the twisted one derailing the flow of life to stream towards his own creation.

This noun is also the title of a tome, presumably written by Wilhelm Waenaa, a mystic figure of Finnish folklore. It is known that Wilhelm was one of the leading forces behind the 19th century cult of Vainaja spreading terror in rural Finland.

The second album by Finnish death-doom trio Vainaja is based on the book ”Verenvalaja”, presumably the only completely preserved writing of Wilhelm Waenaa. Their previous album, critically acclaimed ”Kadotetut”, was based on randomly gathered traditional sermons of Wilhelm. ”Verenvalaja” tells a coherent, conceptual story in six chapters.

It is commonly thought that ”Verenvalaja” describes a resurrection – presumably Wilhelm himself – as an undead human figure called the Blood Caster (Chapter 4: Valaja – Caster). The story goes on about a conquest to regain followers of cult of Vainaja (Chapter 5: Kultti – Cult) via rituals that involve human sacrifice (Chapter 2: Sielu - Soul), to commit blasphemy (Chapter 1: Risti – Cross) and ignite an unholy war against false believers (Chapter 3: Usva – Fog). However, the sixth chapter (Kehto – Cradle) ends absurdly – inspiring historians to speculate an unfound continuation of the story.

It is said that the discovered book ”Verenvalaja” is only a prologue, being part of an even greater book. It is estimated that the complete book includes a total of 17 chapters. What is written in the last eleven chapters could remain a mystery until the end of times.

Vainaja`s second album ”Verenvalaja” sets down these ominous writings to evoke feelings of dread in the form of uncompromisingly heavy doom-death metal.


released May 27, 2016

Wilhelm – Vocals, bass and preaching
Kristian – Guitars and cantoring
Aukusti – Drums and gravedigging

Guest musicians:
Lasse Pyykkö – guitar solos on tracks 2 and 3
Jarkko Nikkilä - clean vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 6

Recorded, mixed and produced by Vainaja
Drums recorded an mixed by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Vainaja
Cover artwork by Varises Otak.



all rights reserved


Vainaja Finland

Vainaja is a three-headed metal band from Finland. Taking influences from early 90's death metal and doom, their debut album "Kadotetut" is one of the heaviest records ever made in the Finnish language. Besides the crushing riffs and dark melodies, the album's concept is based on encrypted true events from the past. Their second album "Verenvalaja" is a continuation of this grim story. ... more

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